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  • Watch Jabari Osaze describe the esoteric meaning of the Sphinx on
    site in Egypt
  • Who built the Great Beast and when?
  • Why did the Khamites call the monument Heru Em Akhet?
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Secrets of the Great Sphinx (Heru Em Akhet)
By Jabari Osaze                                                      Runtime: 8:02 min
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  • The founders get a living room makeover at their Harlem Brownstone!
Osaze Home Makeover on HGTV's Decorating Cents
Runtime: 3:52 min
Excerpts from Sacred Wisdom/Sacred Aesthetic: An Introduction to
the Philosophy and Architecture of Our Kemetic Ancestors
Runtime: 9:49 min
  • Facilitated by Jabari Osaze, Co-Founder and  
    Executive Director of The Center for the
    Restoration of Ma'at
  • Obtain a deeper understanding of the Kemetic
    Ideology a Kemetic initiate
By Anika Daniels-Osaze                                          Runtime: 9:57 min
  • Obtain an understanding of spiritual balance by embracing the
  • Topics include:
  • The Kemetic Concept of “God”
  • Feminine symbols of Power and Protection
  • Daily lives and rights of women in Kemet
  • Great Female Rulers and Queens