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Become an Instructor for the Ma'at Institute of Holistic Education!
The Center for Restoration of Ma'at is offering a unique money-making opportunity. We are looking for
instructors in a variety of areas for our latest initiative, the Ma'at Institute for Holistic Education.

Instructors will receive compensation for each class/workshop according to the number of students enrolled.
Total compensation for each course or workshop series could easily amount to several thousand dollars.

Prospective instructors should be articulate, engaging, be committed to the mission of the Center have
significant expertise in the topical area listed below.  Candidates should be located near or within the New York
City area as classes are convened in Central Harlem.  Prospective instructors with an active community of
supporters will be given preference.

Prospective Areas
World History
  •  Ancient India
  •  Ancient West Africa (including Songhai, Mali, Ghana, etc.)
  •  Classical Ethiopian History
  •  Kiswahili
  •  Amharic
  •  Twi
  •  Wolof
  •  Living the Vegan Lifestyle
  •  Feasting in the Raw
  • Astrology
  • Astronomy
  • Divination Systems
Moving Arts
  • Kemetic Yoga
  • Traditional Indian Yoga
  • African Martial Arts
  • Introduction to Massage
  • Belly Dance
  • The History of Christianity
  • The History of Judaism
  • The History of Islam
  • Introduction to Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) Chanting
  • Introduction of Meditation
  • Ancient Mystery Systems
Think you can teach a course in another interesting area? Let us know!