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"Come northward to the court immediately; [...] thou shalt bring this (little African from the land of Punt) with thee, which
thou bringest living, prosperous and healthy from the land of spirits, for the dances of the god, to rejoice and [gladden]
the heart of the king of Upper and Lower Egypt, Neferkare, who lives forever."
                                                                                                                Letter to the Noble Harkhuf from the Kemetic King Pepi II

From early temple praise dancing to the world's first recorded martial arts, societies in Ancient Africa and throughout the ancient world
incorpor-ated movement into healthy, holistic lifestyles. A 2008 study found that only 16% of United States citizens 15 years and older
participated in exercise on an average day.  Five times this average number of people watched television on an average day.  To truly become a
transcendent being, one must enhance themselves mind,
body, and soul.

The Ma'at Institute is developing the Moving Arts section by drawing from a wide range of movement related areas including Yoga (Kemetic and
Traditional Indian), African Martial Arts, Belly Dance, and even massage.  Think you can help us develop one of these courses?  Bring ancient
wisdom to the people and earn income as well!
Contact us.
Courses Still in Development:
Traditional Indian Yoga
African Martial Arts
Kemetic Yoga
Think you can instruct one of these course?  Contact us.
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Introduction to Massage
Belly Dance