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A Message from Our Lead Instructor and  
Executive Director

Prospective Scholars:

The Center for the Restoration of Ma'at is pleased to introduce the
Ma'at Institute for Holistic Education.  It is not uncommon to hear that
modern society, with all of its technological advances, has lost
something. Left its soul far behind in a distant past.  Drawing
primarily from Ancient Egypt, the Ma'at Institute brings this
knowledge back into modern practice.

The goal of the Ma'at Institute is to make the wisdom of ancient
civilizations such as Kemet to the widest population possible.  To that
end all of our classes taught both in-person and live on the internet
and are reasonably priced. Most classes are taught at the level of an
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introductory college course.  Featured courses come from a wide array of categories including World History, Language, Wellness, Moving Arts,
Spirituality, and Cosmology.  

Emulating the left/right brain approach to education, courses were selected from factually based areas such as history and also speculative
areas such as astrology.  Some of our courses are currently being structured in order to offer certificates in specialized areas in the near future.  
We've worked hard to ensure that there is something for everyone.  Take a free class and find out what we're about. We're sure you'll become
part of the Center for the Restoration of Ma'at Family.  Enjoy!

Y Em Hetep!
(Go Forth in Peace)

Jabari Osaze
Lead Instructor and Executive Director
Lead Instructor Jabari Osaze descending into the Mrkhut (Pyramid) of King
Sneferu in Meidum, Egypt.