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                                                                              "If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head.
                                                                                If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart."
                                                                                                                                                                                        Nelson Mandela

It has been said that a people cannot be truly understood unless one fully understands the language which they inhabit.  Imagine that millions of
people, including many people of African descent, can only communicate to each other using languages that we forced upon them.  How can we
truly understand who we are when we can only view ourselves through the eyes (or perhaps tongues) of others?  The Ma’at Institute of Holistic
Education seeks to rectify this painful imbalance by providing a forum for the learning of both ancient and contemporary languages.

Our cornerstone series of language courses will focus on the Ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) Language known as the Medu Neter.  Through the
successful completion of Medu Neter courses, a Ma’at Institute Scholar will not only be proficient in the ancient forms of the Medu Neter
(commonly known as Middle Egyptian), but will eventually gain conversation proficiency.  Our goal is to resurrect the Medu Neter as a
contemporary language.  Other course offerings may include but not be limited to Kiswahili, Amharic, Twi, and Wolof.  Eventually European
languages will be added with an focus on gaining mastery of ancient texts to bolster the Institute’s scholarship.

Here is a listing of some of the course offerings:

Medu Neter (Ancient Egyptian Language):
  •  Introduction to the Medu Neter

Still in Development:
  •  Kiswahili
  •  Amharic
  •  Twi
  •  Wolof
Introduction to the Medu Neter                              
Wednesdays Beginning
October 10, 2017 (10 weekly sessions: 10/10,10/17 10/24,10/31, 11/7, 11/14, 11/21, 12/5, 12/12,
and 12/19)
Instructor:  Anika Daniels-Osaze, Nfr-Ka Ma'at

Turn on cable television at any time of the day and there is probably a documentary on Ancient Egypt.  
There is certainly no shortage of analyses, and many which can be refuted by a simple reading of Kemetic
texts.  The Ma'at Institute offers course on the Kemetic Language, Medu Neter, in order to ensure a more
authentic analysis of this great nation,  This analysis will greatly assist with the reconstruction of Kemetic

This course will be taught on the level of an introductory college course. Participants will not only obtain a
basic understand of the language, but will begin reading Kemetic texts. Each class will also feature
discussions on Kemetic philosophy, spirituality, and history.

In order to allow scholars to take this course regardless of geographic location, each class will be taught at
a location in Harlem, New York and webcast live on our website.  Classes will run approximately 1 hour.
Participants may choose to audit the course (attend lectures without expectation of submitting
assignments), but they will not receive a certificate upon completion.  

Prerequisite: None
Related Courses: Intermediate and Advanced Courses to be Announced
Medu Neter (Ancient Egyptian Language)
Course Instructor
Anika Daniels-Osaze lecturing in
Luxor, Egypt
Courses Still in Development:
(Akan - West African Language)
Kiswahili (East African Language)
Amharic (Ethiopian Language)
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