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Jabari Osaze
Heru DjedenMa'at Aten-Ra
Lead Instructor

Jabari Osaze has studied Ancient Egypt for nearly 25 years, focusing primarily on the areas
of philosophy, esoteric symbols and sacred science. Brother Osaze has led study groups in
Egypt since 2002 and tours of the world-renowned Egyptian collections of New York’s
Brooklyn Museum and Metropolitan Museum of Art.  While completing his Bachelor of Science
degree at Cornell University, Brother Osaze’s studies led him to the monumental works of Ra
Un Nefer Amen and R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz.  He began focusing on the practice of the
Ancient Egyptian (Kemetic) ideal.  In 1998, he was initiated into a Kemetic order, the Shrine of
Ptah, by Chief Priest Heru Ankh Ra Semahj Se Ptah.  He also holds a Master of Arts degree
in Human Service Administration from Metropolitan College of New York and is completing his
doctoral degree with the University of Metaphysical Sciences.
Jabari Osaze leading a tour at the
Step Pyramid of Djoser.
Anika Daniels-Osaze
Nfr-Ka Ma'at
Co-Lead Instructor

Anika Daniels-Osaze also known as Nfr-Ka Ma’at is a Kemetic initiate of the Shrine of Ptah- Smai Tawi.  Her
interests and passion lie in Linguistics and Foreign Languages as well as the presence of Afrikan Women
in Antiquity.   Sister Ma’at received her bachelor's degree at Cornell University and her graduate degree at
New York University.  She has studied the ancient Kemetic language known as the Metu Neter for several
years.  For the past 5 years, she has travelled to Egypt with the African Genesis Program as a group
facilitator and lecturer.  Along with her husband, she has conducted tours of the various tombs, museums
and temples in Egypt.  Sister Ma’at currently works as the Assistant Director of Minority Affairs at SUNY
Downstate Medical Center and serves as a mentor for several youth programs.  She lives in Harlem, NY
and is the co-founder of the Center for the Restoration of Ma’at with her husband, Jabari Osaze DjedenMa’
at Aten Ra.  She is the Co-host and Co-producer of Kemetic Legacy Today, the weekly journal of Ancient
Egyptian History and Spirituality.
Nfr-Ka Ma'at conducting
lecture for the African
Genesis Program
Brother Osaze has continued his study with the Shrine of Ptah.   In 2005, he was initiated into the order of Sacred Kingmen and received
the coronation name Heru DjedenMa'at Aten Ra.  He is currently completing his course of study in order to become a Kemetic Priest.  
Jabari and his wife Anika Daniels-Osaze have co-founded the Center for the Restoration of Ma'at; an institution devoted to the
application of the Ancient African ethical paradigm in our daily lives.  Brother Osaze is the Co-host and Executive Producer of the
Center's television show, Kemetic Legacy Today-the weekly journal of Ancient African, Ancient Egyptian History and Spirituality.  He
lectures on a wide variety of historical and motivational topics.  He lives in Harlem.
Jabari Osaze leading a tour at the
Step Pyramid of Djoser.
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