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About the Ma'at Institute for Holistic Education
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The Ma'at Institute for Holistic Education is an initiative of the Center for the Restoration of Ma'at.  The
Center seeks to assist our contemporary society with its return to the sacred balance that great
ancient nations.  Center offerings include African-centered tour of 5 museums throughout the United
States, international study tours (Egypt, Ethiopia, etc.), our blog The Udjat, and even the weekly
television show Kemetic Legacy Today.  As members of our community continued to describe the need
for in-depth learning, the Ma'at Institute for Holistic Education was created.  

The mission of the Ma'at Institute is to make the wisdom of ancient civilizations such as Kemet to the
widest population possible.  To that end all of our classes taught both in-person and live on the
internet and are reasonably priced. Most classes are taught at the level of an introductory college
While The Ma'at Institute for Holistic Education is located in the neighborhood of Central Harlem (New
York City), our community is the global.  Key constituencies include communities of conscious
Africans (continental and diasporan), other people of color, and any person interested in the wisdom
of the ancients.  We invite the entire human family to review our glorious history in order to return to
the divine balance which sustains our planet.
The Ma'at Institute for Holistic Education provides education on ancient esoteric wisdom to the largest
population possible through affordable in-person and live-streamed online venues.  Have you ever felt
that modern society, with all of its technological advances, has lost something? Left its soul far behind
in a distant past.  Drawing primarily from Ancient Egypt, the Ma'at Institute brings this knowledge back
into modern practice.  Ma'at Institute Scholars will learn to apply these key lessons in their lives.