The Weekly Television Journal of Ancient Egyptian and Ancient African History and Spirituality
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Kemetic Legacy Today is an hour-long weekly series produced and currently airing on the public access station
Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN).  MNN is accessible to cable television subscribers in the borough of
reach of up to 3 million viewers.  Additionally, MNN is streamed live to anyone with Internet access on its website
show can currently reach millions of viewers and we are actively seeking additional stations in other large

Target Audience
Kemetic Legacy Today's target audience is primarily composed of people of African descent and other People of
Color aged 16 to 65.  Other people interested in programming on alternate spiritual practices are also attracted to
the series.  New York City is the largest "ethnic" television market in the country. Can advertising on
Legacy Today
reach your market more effectively than your other campaigns?

"Advertising" on Public Access
Advertising on public access stations is actually prohibited.  However, credits for "individuals, businesses or other
organizations that have contributed goods, services or funding used in the program production" are permitted.
Each credit is limited to fifteen seconds, and the total period for all contributions are limited to 1 minute.  The
following guidelines from the Manhattan Neighborhood Network policy manual apply to all credits for contributors
full document here):

  •  Credit must appear at either the beginning or end of the program;
  •  Credit may be aural, visual or both;
  •  Credit may include a logo;
  •  Credit may include a name, address, and phone number;
  •  Credit may include a phrase describing the business of the contributor
      and the nature of the contribution;
  •  Credit may not contain any qualitative or promotional information.

Proposed Rates, Products, and Services Needed for Support
Support for Kemetic Legacy Today will be used for its production.  Our show needs financial support in order to
subsidize staffing and to support travel and lodging for out of town shoots and in-studio guests.  The following
items are also needed for production.  

The value of the items will be considered in when deciding the type or length of credits on the show.   
  •  High-Definition Cameras (preferably
     Canon Vixia line)
  •  High Capacity Portable Hard Drives
  •  Wireless Microphones
  •  African and African Inspired Clothing
  •  DVCAM tapes
$500/month - Title Sponsorship
  •  Mention with show title at beginning of show
  •  Listing on front page of website
  •  All benefits under Core Sponsorship
$300/month - Core Sponsorship
  •  Voice-over mention at end of show
  •  Display of logo with other Core Sponsors
$150/episode - Single Sponsor
  •  Voice-over mention at end of show
  •  Display of logo with other Core Sponsors
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