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Aired 6/19/10 - Episode 23
"Rediscovering the Neteru, Part 1 -
Embracing Mother Ast (Isis)"

She has been called the "Great Mother", Mistress of
Magic, and by a variety of foreign names, but few are
either connected to the history of the Kemetic Neter, Ast
(known to the Greeks as Isis).  This episode features a
presentation on the historical development of the divine
principal of Ast and also rituals which can be used to
invoke Ast within you.

Look for other episodes of this series entitled,
"Rediscovering the Neteru" to feature other Neteru.  The
Center for the Restoration of Ma'at looks forward to
assisting our community with bringing the practice of
invoking these awesome indwelling divine forces back into
Aired 6/12/10 - Episode 22
"The Esoteric Wisdom of Kemetic Temple

When one reads any countless number or books or
conducts an Internet search on Ancient Kemetic Temples,
they'll usually find information on when and which ruler
built it, it's size, and even the material it was built from.  
Unfortunately with the sheer volume of information on
Kemetic Temples, very little information on the hidden
knowledge ensconced in the very design of these amazing
ancient structures.  

This episode of Kemetic Legacy Today features a
description of significant architectural elements will be
highlighted on a scale model and footage of a tour of
Karnak Temple (Ipet Isut) led by Jabari Osaze in the city of
Luxor (Waset).  Discover these esoteric African principles
and apply them to your life!  Interested in tour highlighted
in this episode?  Travel to Kemet with the Center for the
Restoration of Ma'at.
Aired 6/5/10 - Episode 21
"3 Millennia of Excellence: A Brief History of Ancient
Kemet's Major Personalities, Part 3 (Second
Intermediate Period and New Kingdom)"

An interactive lecture series conducted by Co-Host Jabari
Osaze,  "3 Millennia" is an overview of periods of Kemetic
history with particular focus on major rulers and
personalities.  The episode, which focuses on the Second
Intermediate Period and New Kingdom, is the third part of
a four-part series.  The complete series will provide the
viewer with a fundamental understanding of Kemet,
allowing them to place other topics (e.g.: spirituality,
symbolism, male/female relations, etc.) in context.  The
inspirational lecture is conducted in simple conversational
language, but is still appropriate for college-level inquiry.

As this episode is available for purchase in our
store as a 4-part DVD series on the history of Kemet,
only half of this episode will be available for viewing
here.  Buy the series here.
Aired 5/29/10 - Episode 20
"Introduction to the Medu Neter"
By Co-Host Nfr-Ka Ma'at (Anika Daniels-Osaze)

Key to understanding any nation or culture is the study of
its language.  Unfortunately many who have studied
Ancient Kemet haven't learned the Medu Neter, the "divine
words", the language of Ancient Kemet.  Kemetic Legacy
Today Co-Host Nfr-Ka Ma'at will provide our audience with
a "Introduction to the Medu Neter".  By the close of the
episode, viewers will be able to begin recognizing keys
symbols, whole words, and finally write their names.

Sister Ma’at received her bachelor's degree in Linguistics
at Cornell University and her graduate degree at
New York University.  She has studied the ancient Kemetic
language known as the Metu Neter for nearly 15 years.
Aired 5/22/10 - Episode 19
Focus on Kemetic Yoga Master, Yirser Ra Hotep

When the word "Yoga" is mentioned, most people rightfully
consider the art as an Ancient Indian system of meditation,
breathing, and poses.  Virtually everyone is surprised to
discover that very similar systems seemed to have existed
in Ancient Kemet either earlier or around the same period.  
Yirser Ra Hotep is one of the world's foremost experts on
Kemetic "Yoga" (called many names including
Ari-Ankh-Ka), having practiced it for over 30 years.  

Creator of award-winning yoga programs for children,
Yirser has been seen on the Oprah Winfrey Show, WGN
TV, ABC TV; featured in Ebony magazine, Yoga Journal,
and the Chicago Tribune; and has lectured throughout the
United States and in Africa. He is the author of a 3-part set
of instructional yoga DVDs and a 2-part guided meditation
CD called Journey to Amenta. Yirser Ra Hotep will not only
be interviewed by Kemetic Legacy Today Co-Host, Anika
and Jabari Osaze, but he will conduct a Kemetic Yoga
class for our studio audience.
Aired 5/15/10 - Episode 18
"Ancient Ethiopian History and Civilization"
Interview and Lecture with Dr. Ayele Berkerie

While Ethiopia was one of the world's most powerful and
important nations in antiquity, few are familiar with its
majestic history.  Cornell University professor, Dr. Ayele
Berkerie is not only an authority on Ancient African history
and languages, but a native Ethiopian.  Dr. Ayele gives
Kemetic Legacy Today viewers a comprehensive history
of Ethiopia.  One of the earliest Christian nations,
Professor Berkerie also describes Ethiopia's prominent
place in the religion and recounts the controversial
journey of one of Christianity's most important relics, the
Arc of the Covenant to Ethiopia.  The episode also
features footage of our co-host's trip to the East African
Aired 5/8/10 - Episode 17
Tour of "King Tut and the Golden Age of the
Pharaohs" at the Discovery Times Square Exposition
in New York City

Kemetic Legacy Today co-host Jabari Osaze takes you for
a falcon's eye view of the exhibit,
King Tut and the Golden
Age of the Pharaohs at the Discovery Time Square
.  When the initial exhibition of King
Tutankhamun's artifacts visited New York in 1979, the
entire nation was amazed by its splendor.  After all, the
collection was taken from the Boy King's tomb which was
found virtually intact by Howard Carter in 1922.  Our
ancestors never anticipated that anyone would see the
masterful works of spiritual art again when the tomb was
sealed 3,000 years ago.  Never before had the museum's
visitors ever seen the contents of a Kemetic burial
chamber; more than 8 million people clamored to get a
glimpse of the exhibit.  After more than 30 years we have
the opportunity to see these priceless treasures once
Aired 4/24/10 - Episode 16
Interview with Kemetic Martial Arts Grand Master,
Mfundishi Ka n Heru Jhutyms El-Salim

When virtually everyone thinks of the martial arts, they
think of Asian cultures in China, Japan, and more recently
Korea.  In fact, when martial artists of African descent are
considered, most of these individuals are primarily trained
in these more popular Asian forms.  Africa and its
descendants are usually no more than a footnote in the
history of these forms.

What if the world knew that the martial arts originated in
Africa?  Furthermore, these African forms are not simply
ancient arts which are so remote the they disappeared
millenia ago.  There are individuals who continue to study
African Martial Arts forms.

This episode features an interview and demonstration by
Mfundishi Jhutyms Ka n Heru El-Salim, African Martial Arts
Grand Master.  Mfundishi is the author of
Kupigana Ngumi
Sacred Warriors are Healers and the Hem Sep Tepy
(Chief Priest) of the Black Gold Sacred Kultural Center.  
He is one of the world's foremost experts on Kemetic
martial arts.  Join us for on of Kemetic Legacy Today's
most engaging hours!
Aired 4/17/10 - Episode 15
"An Interview with Dr Marta Moreno Vega"

Dr. Marta Moreno Vega was born in El Barrio “Spanish
Harlem” of parents born in Puerto Rico. Throughout her
childhood, she recalls her family quietly practicing Yoruba
spirituality while professing to be Roman Catholic.  An
Afro Puerto Rican, Dr. Moreno Vega, has dedicated her
life to the study and practice of African religions in the
Americas.  She has developed culturally grounded
institutions which support the culture of African
descendants in the Diaspora; she served as the first
Director of Museo Del Barrio and the Founder and
President of the Caribbean Cultural Center and African
Diaspora Institute.  

Sister Moreno Vega is the author on two books,
The Alter
of My Soul
and When the Spirits Dance Mambo; and is a
Priestess in the Lucumi Tradition (often called Santeria).   
She graces the Kemetic Legacy Today audience with a in-
studio interview with our Co-Hosts Anika and Jabari
Aired 4/10/10 - Episode 14
Interview with Nur Ankh Amen, Author of "The Ankh:
The African Origins of Electromagnetism"

When the book "The Ankh:  The African Origins of
Electromagnetism"  was published over a decade ago, it
sent shock waves through the African centered
community.  Brother Nur Ankh Amen posits that many
Kemet images are not only spiritual symbolism but also
electrical diagrams.  He revises the analysis of popular
symbols including the shen, djed, and ankh.

Since publishing The Ankh, Brother Nur Ankh Amen has
virtually fallen out of public view.  He is interviewed on
Kemetic Legacy Today via telephone.
Aired 4/3/10 - Episode 13
"The African Presence in the Americas" A Lecture by
Dr. Runoko Rashidi Okello, Part 2

Dr. Rashidi continues his lecture, entitled "The African
Presence in the Americas" which was conducted in
Harlem, New York in honor of the late scholar Dr. Ivan Van
Sertima.  This section of the lecture ranges from Mexico to

As Dr. Rashidi's lecture runs over 2 1/2 hours, additional
footage on our website will be available to those who
answer our weekly Kemetic Quiz!  To Answer the quiz,
click here.
Aired 3/27/10 - Episode 12
"The African Presence in the Americas" A Lecture by
Dr. Runoko Rashidi Okello, Part 1

Dr Runoko Rashidi has spent his adult life uncovering the
presence of African people all over the world both in the
present and in antiquity.  He never unpacks his suitcases,
having traveled to nearly 100 countries, including India,
Cambodia, China, and Russia.  Dr. Rashidi is a masterful
scholar with the rare ability to engage and inspire his
audience.  He has authored 12 books and numerous
articles including major pieces on the African presence in

Dr. Rashidi's lecture, entitled "The African Presence in the
Americas" was conducted in Harlem, New York in honor of
the late scholar Dr. Ivan Van Sertima.  The lecture
features a many pictures taken by Dr. Rashidi during his
trips and other collected to provide the viewer with
comprehensive knowledge of our experience here in the
Americas both before and after Columbus.  He is also
interviewed via telephone by Co-host Anika and Jabari