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© 2010 The Center for the Restoration of Ma’at.  Obsidian Community Training and Consulting, LLC.
The Spiritual Revolution WILL be televised!
Kemetic Legacy Today is the weekly televised journal of Ancient African history and spirituality.  Particular
focus will be placed Ancient Egypt, originally known as Kemet.  The series is hosted by
Anika and Jabari
Osaze, adherents to the Kemetic legacy and the founders of the Center for the Restoration of Ma'at and the
forthcoming Shrine of Ma'at.  The hour-long show features interviews with African Spirituality practitioners,
lectures by eminent historians and scholars, musical, coverage of ceremonies, and spoken word
Kemetic Legacy Today will truly brings the flavor of the Ancient Africa in practice in our
contemporary society.  
Kemetic Legacy Today airs every Saturday at 12:00 PM EST on Manhattan Neighborhood
Network channel 34 (Time Warner), 82 (RCN), and 33 (FIOS).  If you are not able to view our
show on MNN, it is also streamed live from
www.mnn.org.  To watch past episodes, click